What's changed in 18 years of business?

Someone asked us what had changed in our 18 years in business. Wow that turned out to be a big question! It was more like what hasn’t changed? 1999 was life before smartphones, internet (for anything other than email), YouTube, social media, and film making gear you didn’t need to mortgage your home for. So in 18 years we’ve seen all sorts of new and wonderful ways to tell stories and get them heard. We love the way the internet and YouTube has democratized content and the way many people are finding their tribe and their following without the gatekeepers of television stations, film distributors and record companies. That of course means there’s a lot more content, good and not so good.

Good video content is more than the technology it took to make it. It’s more than beautiful imagery and great music. And a good story can be deceptively simple. By way of example let us tell you a story - we went for a briefing on a video to showcase all the innovation, systems and new working styles that would take our client into the future. We sat down with 7 highly passionate people who all contributed enormously to this vision who proceeded to tell us all the things we needed to communicate in this video. There was only one problem; to fit everything in we’d need to make a video hours long instead of the punchy 3 minutes the client was after.

After thinking for many hours, mapping things out with post-its, agonizing over what absolutely had to be in there (and we’ll admit it a brief moment of self-doubt) we got back to the simple idea of how all this innovation was going to make our clients' lives better. We weren’t going to be able to show it all, but what we could do was focus on was the ‘Why’ – the excitement and anticipation the client wanted the audience to feel about the technology and ways of working that were going to revolutionise the way they would work now and into the future. The resulting video used a lot of video graphics, timelapse and live action footage of the innovation in use and our client loved it. While we used the latest technology available to communicate our story if we hadn’t got the essence of it right it would have just been a bunch of gorgeous pictures without a lot of substance or emotion. So in 18 years we’re pleased one thing hasn’t changed – good content always starts with a good story.

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