You only need to spend a few minutes with Julianne to get a sense of the love and care that goes into her beautiful food.  We wanted to capture Julianne’s warmth, passion and those wonderfully fresh ingredients in a contemporary, relaxed style for some shareable assets for everyone to see.  The idea was to show enough of the preparation to see that everything is hand made with only the freshest, best quality ingredients without it being a how-to video.  A Chef has her secrets!  And of course food is meant to bring people together so we wanted to show off the food but also see it being enjoyed.  With a pretty lean budget we kept the shoot to one very action packed day and filmed the main video, 6 Instagram clips, 6 Facebook clips and 20 stills.  And yes, we were eating pate and terrines for weeks – heaven!

Juliannes Kitchen - brand intro video